Job Description :
This position is to perform Deployment/Configuration/Migration/Testing of IBM Netcool Product for INMS systems. This team is responsible for design, Testing, configuration and installation of Netcool/NOI suite of products. Team is also responsible to maintain the solution till Go Live and also support after going live.

2. Experience

1. 5 to 10 years of experience in Netcool or NOI 1.5 suite (Ommnibus, Probes, Gateways, Impact, Network Manager, DASH, TCR, Log Analysis, SSM Agent etc…) of products.

2. INMS: Integrated Network Management System

Covering the network management aspects, using IBM Tivoli Netcool as the COTS platform.

3. Experience in IBM Products INMS Migration/Deployment/System Testing/Integration/Data Replication/Back/up Testing/Build/Configuration/Installation in premier Operator/ Vendor organisations on these Products.

4. Working Migration/Deployment knowledge on Netcool/NOI Suit of products ( Omnibus, Impact , ITNM, DASH, TNPM , Configuration Manager etc )

5. Excellent Documentation skills. Developing Test strategy and proficiency in test planning, execution, analysis and reporting.

6. Experience in creating custom probes or adapters.

7. Good to have experience in delivering Netcool suit of trainings.

3. Essentials for the Role

Required Skills – Technical

1. Experience in low level design including build, configuration and installation procedure the currently installed high speed corridor INMS systems – Netcool Omnibus 8.1, Netcool Impact, Netcool ITNM IP 4.2, DASH, Jazz SM and Netcool TCR 2.1.1

2. Experience in low level design including build, configuration and installation procedure of Netcool suite of products like below:

a. IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine

3. Developing test strategy, test planning, execution, analysis and reporting for Netcool suite of Products.

4. Upgradation of Netcool/NOI suite of products.

5. Working knowledge and installation of databases like IBM DB2, Oracle.

6. Experience in configuring HARD and TSAMP.

7. Should be able to analyses the initial data replication architecture and recommend an alternative / economical solution.

8. Experience in Rule Configuration of Netcool MTTrapd, Nokia NFM-P, Windows log, Syslog, Java Socket and ELF probes.

9. Development of Netcool probe for Scada devices.

10. Experience in executing backup procedures for Netcool/NOI suite

11. Configuration or restore of Netcool suite based on the backups.

12. Configuration of user & group role for above listed Netcool/NOI suite of products.

13. Enrichment and co-relation policies creation in Netcool/Impact with Java Script and IPL languages.

14. Building the Netcool/NOI suite in Failover & fallback mode.

15. System testing for Netcool suite for above listed products.

16. System Acceptance testing for Netcool/NOI suite for above listed products.

17. Deployment and configuration of Netcool SSM agents

18. Hands on experience with OMNIbus and OMNIbus core sub-products (gateways and probes), Webgui, TCR & Impact.

19. Good to have experience with ITM and its sub components.

20. Good to have experience with ITCAM

21. Hands on experience with Netcool Impact customization

22. Proficiency with Linux Operating Systems

23. Proficiency with various scripting languages such as PERL/CGI, Shell, Java Script or Python

Required Skills – Other

1. Capability to front-end to customer, with strong communication/negotiation skills.

2. Excellent Customer/Stakeholder management

3. Self-Motivated Individual with positive (Must-win) attitude and ready to take up challenges.

4. Must be ready to walk the extra mile to earn customer confidence and be able to exceed client expectations

5. Must possess good communication/interpersonal skills – both verbal and written.

6. Believes in process and delivering right first time

7. Self-driven who can handle activities independently