Job Description :

Job Title: Network Security Architect

Location: Wisconsin

Position type: Fulltime Permanent

Rate: DOE


15+ in Information Security domain.

Technical Skills:

CISSP  or CISA certified with 15 Years exposure as managing Info security in Financial domain

Should have experience with business continuity planning, auditing, and risk management, as well as contract and vendor negotiation.

Must have strong working knowledge of pertinent law and the law enforcement community.

Must have a solid understanding of information technology and information security

Ability to quantify the risks of different IT architectures, and then communicate to other executives how to manage that risk

Experience with strategies involving Disaster recovery, including detecting an intrusion, isolating it and neutralizing it before it can cause further damage

Good understanding of Data and information management, including classification, retention and destruction

Exposure to Digital forensics

Knowledge of all applicable laws and compliance frameworks to enforce compliance.

Policy development and administration.

Process Skills:

•             Lead operational risk management activities to enhance the value of the company and brand.

•             Oversee a network of security directors and vendors who safeguard the company's assets, intellectual property and computer systems, as well as the physical safety of employees and visitors.

•             Identify protection goals, objectives and metrics consistent with corporate strategic plan.

•             Manage the development and implementation of global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security. Physical protection responsibilities will include asset protection, workplace violence prevention, access control systems, video surveillance, and more. Information protection responsibilities will include network security architecture, network access and monitoring policies, employee education and awareness, and more.

•             Direct and approve the design of security systems;

•             Ensure that disaster recovery and business continuity plans are in place and tested;

•             Review and approve security policies, controls and cyber incident response planning;

•             Review investigations after breaches or incidents, including impact analysis and recommendations for avoiding similar vulnerabilities;

•             Maintain a current understanding the IT threat landscape for the industry;

•             Work with other executives to prioritize security initiatives and spending based on appropriate risk management and/or financial methodology.

•             Maintain relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement and other related government agencies.

•             Ensure compliance with the changing laws and applicable regulations;

•             Translate that knowledge to identification of risks and actionable plans to protect the business;

•             Make sure that cyber security policies and procedures are communicated to all personnel and that compliance is enforced;

•             Manage all teams, employees, contractors and vendors involved in IT security, which may include hiring;

•             Provide training and mentoring to security team members;

•             Constantly update the cyber security strategy to leverage new technology and threat information;

•             Brief the executive team on status and risks, including taking the role of champion for the overall strategy and necessary budget; and

•             Communicate best practices and risks to all parts of the business, outside IT

Behavioral Skills :

·          Excellent verbal and written user documentation skills

·           Ability to communicate complex technology to no tech audience in simple and precise manner.

·           Ownership skills.


·          Graduate or Postgraduate

Certification: - •               CISSP  or CISA certified

Client : Uniqsoft INC