Job Description :

Position Title:  Network Administrator (Albany, NY )

W2 requirement

Skill Level : Expert
Project Duration: 30 Months
Job Qualifications:

  • 7 years configuring and troubleshooting LAN Networking equipment in a complex networking environment of at least 1,000 remote endpoints that includes switches, routers/firewalls and VPN devices. This includes troubleshooting issues using protocol analysis tools (i.e. Wireshark) and conducting in-depth analysis on network data captures.
  • 7 years Analytical and Technical knowledge of DMVPN, IPSec, OSPF/BGP is required.
  • 7 years configuring and troubleshooting WAN Network equipment in a complex Networking environment of at least 200 endpoints that includes switches, firewalls and VPN devices. Multi-vendor experience is preferred.
  • 7 years experience with Cisco hardware and Cisco IOS software in a complex TCP/IP environment including routing, port forwarding/NAT, VPN management.
  • 5 years experience supporting and configuring wireless network equipment from vendors such as Cisco, Ubiquiti, Aruba.
  • 5 years experience working with business users to: • Understand their business requirements and implement technical solutions to meet those requirements • Work as a member of a team that includes both technical and business users • Manage changing priorities • Communicate between business users and technical resources
  • 4 years experience configuring and managing network equipment using centralized management consoles (i.e. Cisco IoT Dashboard, Cisco Meraki, etc.). This includes keeping firmware up to date and standardizing device configuration.