Job Description :
Job Title: Need: UI Front End Architect in Northbrook, IL
Location: Atlanta, Illinois

Should have hands-on experience by example with proof of concepts, reference implementations, and you'll support architectural guides and present the work.
- Build POCs. Help and support developers in implementing architectural suggestions and guidelines
- Innovate in adopting new technologies and best design practices to ensure our products are the best in usability
- Learn the application capabilities and ensure the technical feasibility of UI designs
- Provide technical and architectural support to UI team members
- Contribute to architecture, design, and implementation of enterprise-class UI
- Conduct design and code review with a major focus on the best UX, performance, scalability, security, and future expansion
- Direct and produce technical designs/architectures at a project, product, and program level with proficiency in the areas of design/UI integrity, service continuity, component redundancy, security, etc.
- Collaborate with visual, experience designers, and engineers to implement new features
- Mentor and coach junior engineers and seek the opportunity to bring in continuous improvements to implement
- Work closely with project team members (UX designers, Product Management, Business Analysts, Software Developers)
Required Qualifications
- 6+ years of experience developing or architecting Web Application UI with JavaScript, React JS, or AngularJS (knowledge of Angular 5+ required) based frameworks
- 6+ years of experience on UI frameworks such as AngularJS, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML5, CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS etc
- 3+ years of some experience with Typescript and Objected oriented Javascript
Preferred Qualifications
- Experience with responsive, adaptive UI design and development
- Experience related to security oriented projects and solutioning.
- Experience with BackboneJS, Angular, Polymer, and other popular front-end frameworks
- Some experience with NodeJS and related server-side concepts
- Experience with ES6/ES7/ES8, UI Middleware
- Experience with UI sharing: Web Components, Micro-frontends, Control/Pattern libraries and tools
- Experience with state management: Flux, Redux, NGRX, and related patterns
- Experience with packaging, bundling technologies, and library management tools
- Experience with the UX success factors accessibility, usability, and aesthetics
- Experience in developing micro-components, microservices, and deploy on cloud platforms like GCP, Amazon EC2, and Azure
- Experience in server-side: micro-services, CDNs, data caches, and stores
- Experience in Jenkins, CI/CD Pipeline, GIT and other DevOps principles
- Experience working with Agile development frameworks
- A systems problem solver, able to move fluidly between high-level abstract thinking and detailed implementation
- Open-minded to new ideas & approaches, and ability to implement the ideas using various technologies
- A self-starter that is naturally inquisitive