Job Description :
Provide architectural and practical guidance to software development to improve resiliency, efficiency, performance, and costs monitor and report on service level objectives for given application services.
Work with business and product owners to establish key performance indicator capacity planning and management – create, use, maintain a capacity model for on-prem and AWS hosting, based on E2E user flow profiles work with product operations team to resolve trouble tickets,
developing and running scripts, and troubleshooting services in a hosted environment working knowledge of virtualized environments;
VM management and provisioningAssist with testing and validating production applications monitoring, supporting, and diagnosis of systems for optimal performance identifying, gathering, analyzing, and automating responses to key performance metrics, logs, and alerts provide solutions for performance management, disaster recovery, monitoring, and access managementWork/support business users to understand issues, develop root cause analysis, and work with the team for the development of enhancements/fixesWorks with the team to develop, maintain, and communicate current development schedules, timelines, and development status provide engineering design across different workloads including incident & problem management, change management, security, and compliance improve the security and performance of infrastructure by working with other teams work with and lead other members of the team in staying on top of key industry innovation and technology, and assist in team development growth