Job Description :
Conduct system study and collaborate with Business/Technical stakeholders to define performance/scalability/capacity goals for the system; and record goals in terms of NFR, SLOs, etc.
Collaborate with key stakeholders to  study the system's physical & logical architecture by delineating the system boundaries, identify critical components and upstream/downstream dependencies
Conduct a risk assessment for any changes (business/technical) and provide recommendations to make necessary upgrades PT Suite to meet the PT simulation quality
Design realistic workload simulation model, based on the reasoning from the system-study phase, which imitates peak production workload in PERF environment
Prepare performance strategy document contains NFRs, SLA/Os, Environment considerations, Simulation Model, Evaluation Technique, Instrumentation/Monitoring plan, and other relevant critical simulation factors
Performance Strategy creation for all projects in this area cannot be created as there are small bursts of projects that come in which may have a total duration of 40 hours and are pressing efforts. However, the scope and results will be documented and added to the confluence.
Identify the multiple changes, finding synergies, and come up with performance test environments with proper sizing by working with multiple teams like WebArch, USICE
Application dynamic/static code profiling and SQL/DB tuning as  needed
Development experience and experience in Cloud-based technologies
Provide direction and recommendation for successful rollout based on PT analysis and observation
Coordinate meeting with stakeholders for deliverable review and sing-off
Participate in scrum meetings to represent the PT team