Job Description :
Job Title : MongoDB Architect
Location : Louisville, Kentucky
Job Description :
- Participating brainstorming design sessions
- Helping resolve problems
Knowledge in:
- The MongoDB query language
- Application development with MongoDB''s drivers in 10+ different programming languages
- Single and multi-data center architectures for high availability
- Tuning MongoDB to achieve the required level of performance, read consistency, and write durability
- Scaling MongoDB to manage TBs of data and thousands of queries per second
- Estimating the size of a cluster (or the cloud deployment costs) required to meet application requirements
- Best practices for MongoDB schema design and how to design the best MongoDB schema for a given application
- MongoDB Enterprise operations tools: Ops Manager, Compass, etc.
- MongoDB''s various connectors: BI, Spark, and Hadoop
- Migration strategies from RDBMS (and other databases) to MongoDB
- Knowing Java required

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