Job Description :
Position: Mobile App Architect - Release Lead Location: Boston, MA / Remote with flexibility to travel occasionally Type: Contract 1. Should review the iOS and Android source code from 3rd party, and have knowledge of White labelling process of SAAS Mobile Applications. 2. Should manage and store the code in version control repository GITHUB. 3. Should Create and Manage Enterprise Accounts and Certificates for Apple and Google. 4. Should be able to create and sign the IPA's and APK's using source code. 5. Should have experience in distributing and publishing the App's for Beta Testing using Azure App Center (Hockey), Google Enterprise Playstore and iOS Test flight. 6. Should have published the App's to Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Have expertise in understanding the App Publishing, Review Guidelines, 7. Handle communication with Apple and Google teams in getting timely approval of the App's and relationship management. 8. Should be able to provide thought leadership in DevSecOps Automation, CI and CD pipe lines for ReactNative, iOS and Android. 9. Should provide thought leadership in Mobile Strategy, App Development, App Deployment, App Analytics, App Security and App Releases. 10. Should Integrate and test new versions of xcode, iOS SDK, and Android SDK 11. Integrate and test new versions of Compilers, 3rd party apps, and OS platforms 12. Monitor the latest industry standards and guidelines from Apple and Google and make sure App Dev teams are communicated on standards for successful release. Primary Technology Skills 1. App Signing tools Fastlane, xcode, android studio - Build tools: Gradle, Maven, Ant, Make, Rake, Grunt, Gulp, Pants or others. 2. Mobile App Strategy, App Publishing and Release Strategy 3. Source control management solutions: Github, Microsoft Source Control. 4. Experience with ReactNative, Android, iOS, Java/Kotlin, Objective-C/Swift, JavaScript in deployment and publishing skills.