Job Description :
ML/Data science Engineer (Python or R)
Carlsbad, CA
12 months contract
We need someone who has Data Science, ML modeling experience AND engineering / operations experience with model lifecycle management including operationalization of models. In short, ML model development with Python AND MLOps.
Role Scope / Deliverables:
* Provide support to projects including analysis, querying, coding, visualization, modeling, and deployment
* Be involved with many aspects of model design and evaluation tasks and prove the efficacy of models built using business driven measurements and sound statistical principles
* Provide deep statistical leadership and guidance to ensure the effectiveness of models that are delivered to the business
* Provide feedback on model development approaches and perform peer evaluation with other data scientists
* Automate predictive processes with monitoring tools, recommendation engines, retention models, revenue attribution, operational and logistic demand predictions, and other potential algorithmic solutions that drive customer engagement, improve our commercial processes, and other activities that leverage data science technology to drive incremental impact to the business
* Operationalize ML models following MLOps practices
* Prove the effectiveness of models with rigorous scientific observation and evaluation of data science products
Key Skills:
* Bachelor''s in Data Science, Statistics, Computer science (emphasis in machine learning), predictive analytics, or related field. Master''s degree preferred
* Minimum 4 years'' experience performing dedicated data science and machine learning work
* General business acumen and demonstrated focus on business impact
* Experience in manipulating / managing complex large and unstructured databases data set
* Demonstrated understanding of data analysis via "standard methods"
* 4+ years of experience with Databricks, AWS SageMaker, AWS Comprehend, and/or other cloud based machine learning platforms / tools
* Experience with MLOps, operationalization of ML models including model lifecycle management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing
* Familiarity with Git, GitHub, Jenkins, MLflow
* Familiarity with a data visualization tool such as Tableau or PowerBI
* 4+ years of experience in SQL and other query languages
* Solid understanding of database principles, such as relational and non-relational databases, data architecture

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