Job Description :

   Design machine learning systems to automate predictive models.

·         Develop ML algorithms to analyze historical data to make predictions.

·         Run tests, performing statistical analysis, and interpreting test results.

·         Develop and support data pipelines to extract, transform and load data into Google Data Center data warehouse.

·         Demonstrate ability and willingness to learn quickly and complete large volumes of work with high quality.

·         Demonstrate outstanding collaboration, interpersonal communication and written skills with the ability to work in a team environment.


Minimum qualifications:

·         Bachelor's degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g., Statistics, Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering), or equivalent practical experience.

·         3+ years of experience in analytics or similar fields.

·         Experience with scripting languages (e.g. Python, Perl, etc.).

·         Experience manipulating data sets in SQL and using statistical software (e.g., R, SAS, MATLAB, Numpy/Pandas).

·         Experience in software engineering, including gathering data for analysis, performing data filtering and preparation, and running tests at scale.


Preferred qualifications:

·         Masters degree in a quantitative discipline.

·         Experience in machine learning (e.g., supervised learning, clustering).

·         Experience designing data models or table schema.

·         Experience writing and maintaining extract, transform, and load scripts which operate on a variety of structured and unstructured sources.

·         Knowledge of statistics (e.g., probability theory, hypothesis testing, regressions), and experimentation theory.



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