Job Description :
Key Skills & Experience:
Previous experience leading and executing complex ERP Data Migrations with D365 as the target system.
Excellent data Analysis skills with strong SQL coding skills are essential.
Excellent data extraction, profiling and cleansing skills – strong SQL coding skill essential.
D365 CE and/or F&O modules is required

Job Description:
Build and document a detailed understanding of the existing data (structures, locations, relationships, known challenges/edge cases etc) in the existing systems.
Develop a detailed documentation and mapping to the new data structures, for optimal usage through the D365 application by End Users, and BI technologies.
Produce the data migration strategy and execution plan to achieve key project milestones – taking into account near-static data, and data that is in flux.
Define the test cases, and quality control mechanisms to ensure all data is migrated correctly, in suitable volumes for the project phases and at the right time.
Work with Finance and Business SMEs to ensure that all data migration activities are compliant within relevant laws and guidelines.
Extract data from existing source systems, primarily existing SQL Server transactional DB
Test the data correctness and completeness.
Cleanse data where necessary.
Present outcomes of each phase and obtain consent to continue.
Import migration data into the new destination D365 application instances including test, UAT and Live environments.
Verify and prove completion at each step.