Job Description :

Role: Microsoft Azure Data Engineer
Preferred Certification: DP-203 Azure Data Engineer Associate

Strong experience with hands-on experience in SQL and NoSQL databases below
? Azure  Cosmos : implement partitioning schemes and partition keys, perform
operations on data and Cosmos DB containers Manage Change Feed
? Azure BlobStorage: move items in Blob storage between storage accounts
or containers, set and retrieve properties and metadata, perform operations
on data by using the appropriate SDK, implement storage policies, data
archiving, and retention
? MS SQL Server
? MongoDB

Strong experience in Azure is preferred with hands-on experience in two or more
of these skills :
? Review existing Technical Source to Target spec and convert into Azure Data
Factory pipelines 
? Azure Synapse Analytics,
? Azure HDInsight,
? Azure Databricks with PySpark / Scala / SparkSQL,
? Azure Analysis Services
? Experience in one or more Real-time/Streaming technologies including: Azure
Stream Analytics, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Time Series Insights,


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