Job Description :
Manager Data Science and Analytics
New York (Remote till Covid-19)
Duration: Long term

Project Overview: Consultant will build a marketing data warehouse in Google Cloud for Comcast to optimize media spend and marketing interactions across channels. This work will be conducted across the three work streams outlined below at Comcast’s direction:

1) Strategy & Roadmap
Refine, recommend and prioritize MDW measurement and activation use cases
Audit ingestion of data sources already ingested
Define holistic platform architecture, automation, and ID stitching roadmap, including approach for match-back use case
2) Data Source Ingestion & Automation
Define ingestion automation approach
Ingest data sources into GCP
Validate against data sources for accuracy
Set up recurring automated ingestion
3) Report Design & Development
Document report specific requirements
Audit current reports
Mockup dashboards
Define data aggregation logic and build queries
Build dashboards in Data Studio
Validate and review dashboards

Job Summary: • Determine requirements for reporting use cases via stakeholder interviews and review of existing dashboards
Define ingestion and automation approach for Adobe Analytics data into GCP
Automate loading of data from Google Cloud Storage into Big Query
Write queries in Google BigQuery to stitch, aggregate and filter data from Google Search Ads 360, Display and Video 360 and Adobe Analytics
Visualize data in Data Studio from BigQuery tables.