Job Description :
Knowledge of coding / supporting / maintaining REXX; OPS/MVS; SA for z/OS; Netview; GDPS
Please ensure Candidates have extensive OPS/MVS knowledge / skill and technical experience

(Required Skill Level for ALL SKILLS):

Perform z/OS Automation; Use z/OS;

Perform Problem Analysis;

Maintain CA OPS/MVS;

Perform Technical Implement Tiv Systems Automation;

Maintain SA-System Automation;

Maintain REXX Code for Automation;

Maintain Netview for z;

Perform Conflict & Problem Resolution;

Design Services for GDPS/System Automation & Netview;

Develop Tivoli System Automation For z/OS;

Develop REXX Script;

Architect Sys Automation For z/OS;

Apply Knowledge of Tivoli System Automation;

Apply Knowledge of GDPS;

Analyze Technical Problems & Solutions;

Analyze Problems/Risks & Provide Solutions;

Analyze Problems & Situations;

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