Job Description :
Local consultants to Arizona are preferred.

Required skills:-
HCD I/O configuration, HMC profile updates, MF SECURITY, IODF, FICON, SWITCHES, TSO

Job Description:-
Ability to envision multiple alternative solutions and negotiate best possible choices.
Ability to conceptualize, design and build very complex logical and physical I/O configurations
Ability to use HCD dialog panels and Input Output Definition File (IODF) for creating and using I/O Definitions
Ability to use HCM for creating IODF and maintaining hardware layout
Ability to plan and configure ESCON/FICON I/O subsystems and implement ESCON/FICON hardware components
Overall knowledge of all installs/deinstalls of all CPU/Network/I/O devices in the Mainframe environment
In-depth knowledge of IBM Network Advisor used to monitor, configure and maintain mainframe attached Ficon directors
In-depth knowledge of Hardware Management Console (HMC)
In-depth knowledge of Parallel Sysplex environment
In-depth knowledge of I/O OPS
In-depth knowledge of the IPL/Power on Reset procedures
In-depth knowledge of installation of ATL/VTS
In-depth knowledge of MVS OS commands to interrogate and manipulate system resources
Knowledge of TSO/ISPF commands Mainframe Configuration Management is the process of optimizing the integration and interrelationship of multiple mainframe devices while maximizing end user availability. This process consists of multiple sub processes namely mainframe configuration design, planning and implementation.