Job Description :



·          Engineering and administration of Veritas products including Cluster Server, Volume Manager, File System / other clustering & replication technologies.

·         Execute Unix performance related utilities.

·         Engineering and administration of SUN/UNIX/ Linux based systems.

·         Subject matter expert for mission critical Public Safety applications and deployments on SUN/UNIX/Linux based systems.

·         Engineering and administration of SAN storage infrastructure in relations to SUN/UNIX/ Linux based systems.

·         Administration of SUN/UNIX/ Linux based systems on physical and virtual servers as well as software.

·         Administration of servers (experience with Red Hat Linux, Solaris & AIX).

·         Work as part of a team administering: Oracle Database Sun Management Center, MySQL, db2 and oracle database, Experience Percona XtraDB Cluster, Sendmail, Solaris Security, Jumpstart, & LDAP; TIVOLI, BLADELOGIC, NETIQ, VMWARE, DNS, NFS, Solaris Zones, RedHat Satellite Server, etc.

·         Perform OS upgrades and patch installations.

·         Perform scripting (bash/ksh, PERL, Python).

·         Provision bare metal installs, configure, operate and maintain systems

·         Provision and manage automation tools for system deployment and maintenance of templates

·         Administration of ESXi environments, including advanced diagnostics and performance Management.
RHEL, Virtualization, Automation

LDAP, DNS, Lifecycle Management, Visio




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