Job Description :

Position: Linux Device Developer

Location: Hillsboro, OR and Remote Location


Job Description: 

·        Engineers’ software systems for best performance

·        Compiles, packages, installs, and upgrades software and operating system components

·        Creates scripts and uses tools to automates frequently performed tasks

·        Architect’s interfaces/solutions for communicating with hardware

·        Experience in RDMA and other techniques for minimizing buffer copies

·        Extensively unit tests their implementation

·        Works with the open source & kernel community to develop & review software


Skills Required:

C, Kernel, Linux, device driver



·        The first key qualification is a strong background in C. 

·        The next is expertise in Intel architecture/registers/Linux kernel source (or writing a device driver for Linux)experience with the Linux kernel source is likely to imply expertise in Intel architecture and registers. 

·        Third would likely be user mode Linux experience (application programming, familiarity with Linux system calls). 

·        Should be experienced with issues of concurrent/parallel execution. 

·        Ability to read and understand device specifications is also important (likely demonstrated if the applicant has written a device driver).



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