Job Description :
Title: Lead Software Engineers Location: Remote Duration: At least 1 year Need Lead Caliber, hands on talent. Tech stack for the full stacks is Vue, React, TypeScript, Node, , Springboot, CouchDB, Cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP Scripting in Ansible and Python. Rewrite what used to be known as CAM. The new platform will be known as Lumen Edge Orchestrator (LEO This platform will enable customers to bring your own cloud (BYOC) and leverage their monitoring, billing, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), etc. All of these value adds are assessable as a service. Also Reseller Options for AWS, Azure, GCP. These are offered under their Master Payer solution so the customer has a one stop shop with Lumen. LEO leverages micro services architecture and a 3rd party backend (Morpheus UIs and dashboards need to be rewritten - Vue.js and React ServiceNow Integration needed for Managed Services Anywhere (MSA) platform. They are rewriting their Monitoring services for MSA. On the Reseller side, there is UI work needed. Lots of API work for the Billing as a Service (BaaS) solution. Tech stack includes Node.js and TypeScript for backend. They are keeping React as the UI solution for MSA but the rest of the UIs are being written in Vue. Morpheus has a plug-in feature that they may use and that would require Java skills. They "don't necessarily want java developers thoughquot; We'd ideally find solid full-stack talent but the bulk of the work will be done in Node.js, TypeScript and SpringBoot. Projects in order of importance: 1) Managed Services Anywhere (MSA) they will be leveraging Morpheus and an install agent to monitor downstream server/cloud activity via LEO, the replacement for Cloud Application Manager (CAM 2) Lumen Edge Orchestrator (LEO) Marketplace - customers will land on this platform to order new features. Being creating in Vue.js and integrated across LEO & CAM 3) Automation for their buyback and resell offers of cloud, redhat, bare metal memory. Algorithm Microsoft uses is pretty complex. This will require in depth reengineering as the solutions already exist on legacy platform. Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field with at least 3 years of related work experience.