Job Description :

Common technologies in support of our web applications:


o  API’s implemented via Flask or Fast API

o  Data visualizations via ploty’s Dash and Apache’s Superset

o  Postgres databases

o  Testing via:

- Tox, pytest, pycodestyle, coverage

  o  ORM tools like DJANGO

o  Familiar with related AWS and Azure cloud services

o  Pipeline & Infrastructure tools like:

- Teraform, Circle CI, GitHub Actions


Your background...

•  Have 2+ years of experience guiding teams in the successful delivery of web applications

•  Have 7+ years of experience in the delivery and support of web applications

•  Advanced knowledge of Python

•  Enjoy working in an agile delivery environment

•  Can lead in the delivery of a CI/CD environment

•  Can lead as an individual contributor and the review of pull requests

•  Can lead on simple to complex Debugging / Troubleshooting problems

•  Can lead with implementing observability in your applications


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