Job Description :

Position: Laundry Worker

Location: Santa Barbara, CA 93105


1. Accurately prepare linen exchange carts in accordance to established par levels and hospital's policy and procedures. Percentage of time: 40%
2. Maintains accurate hand written linen deliveries and usage data. Percentage of time: 20%
3. Transport, deliver clean linen exchange carts in accordance with hospital policies and procedures. Percentage of time: 10%
4. Maintain par levels of durable medical equipment (DME) on the patient care units. Percentage of time: 10%
5. Maintain par levels of patient lifting SLINGS on the patient care units. Percentage of time: 10%
6. Perform cleaning duties within working area, stencil new linen items, Inspect linen for tears and stains or any other way blemished items that must be separated from our linen supply and perform other duties as assigned. Percentage of time: 10%


Knowledge of how to properly make use of the approved linen handling procedures. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ABILITIES
All knowledge, skills, and abilities listed indicate the minimum level deemed necessary to perform this job proficiently.
Critical thinking skills to exercise good judgment in communications and in assisting with solving problems
Interpersonal skills that reflect positive attitude and sense of commitment to patients, colleagues and community. COMMUNICATION SKILLS
Ability to effectively communicate in English and follow directions
Ability to work independently


High school diploma or equivalent GED or adequate training and experience that provides the skills to perform the linen handling job tasks in a competent manner.