Job Description :
Remote Position

# Go Backend Developer

## Responsibilities

- Design, develop, document and test core software components according to product requirements

- Collaborate with other team members to incorporate their development work

- Work with QA and DevOps team to deliver quality software

- Research and investigate product requirements and new technologies

## Education Background

- Bachelor degree in computer science/software engineering or other subjects related

## Work Experience

- 5+ years in backend service development

## Technical Skills

### Programming Language

- Go developers with at least 1 year experience and has a good understanding of Go and has actual project development experience

- However if candidates have no Go experience, that's ok, but we'd prefer developers with experience in static typed languages like Java/C++, and has a solid understanding of these languages and feels free to switch to Go

### Minimum Qualifications

- Good knowledge of service development, has experience in core business logic development

- Good knowledge of Restful API development, know how to design and develop Restful API

- Good knowledge of database system, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

- Familiar with micro service architecture

- Familiar with message queue system, such as Kafka, NATS, RabbitMQ

- Experience in writing unit tests to ensure code quality

- Experience in development under Linux/Unix systems

### Preferred Qualifications

- Strong development skills in Go language, know at least one other languages such as Java/C++, experience in scripting language like Python, JavaScript would be a plus

- Experience in designing high-available, large-scale, fault-tolerant web services

- Experience in distributed systems, such as zookeeper, etcd

- Familiar with cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure

- Know cloud native technologies, such as docker, Kubernetes. Hands-on experience would be a plus

- Know about CI/CD and DevOps culture


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