Job Description :
Data Developer Kansas City, MO 6+ Months Phone and Zoom KILLS REQUIRED: Technical: Linux OS, Artifactory, Active Directory, Kerberos, Exchange Services for email, encryption, security protocols (proxy, certificates, etc), VMWare, Puppet, PowerShell, Shell Scripting, installing and configuring for R/Python database standard drivers and using SQL Alchemy for Teradata, SQL Server and Hive, GIT, Jupyter Notebooks, and ESP Deliverable / Statement of Work: The solution also needs to address but not limited to the following; Configure VM Guest utilizing Puppet Install R Install Python Integrate R/Python for single sign-on and service accounts including Kerberos Integrate R/Python with Artifactory for package refreshes Configure R/Python for email connectivity Configure R/Python for external data sources working with firewall security Generating and deploying certificates Encryption and obfuscation tools and utilities Install and configure database drivers for Teradata, SQL Server and Hive using SQL Alchemy to use with R/Python GIT integration via TFS from R/Python server Remediate vulnerabilities identified by security scans Validate successful package delivery via Artifactory for R/Python Documentation for ongoing support and turn over to Commerce FTE Thanks and Regards, Shivangi Singh | Team Lead | KPG99, INC Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Direct| |