Job Description :
Job title: AWS Cloud Architect Location: Stamford, CT Duration: Long term Network Management - VPC Peering/Transit gateway between VPCs (between AWS accounts IAM user creation (only service accounts) with specific permissions IAM role management (Creation of IAM Roles, IAM policies. Enabling the right roles to users, Assume role EC2 management (Spinning up new instances, Reserved instances, Config changes to existing instances, EBS volume management EMR Cluster (Create clusters, EMR/Hive setup, access through DB Viz RDS management (Create and manage RDS instances, snapshot management Redshift management (Create and manage Redshift clusters, snapshot management, Individual access to the database, process and approvals S3 bucket management (Create buckets/policies, alerting mechanism, access to S3 bucket from other AWS services like EC2/EMR/Redshift. Archival and backup process), Other AWS services (Kinesis, Lambda, Cloud watch, SQS, SNS, Code commit etc Qubole setup (Users, Scheduled jobs, Clusters, QCUH, Notebooks, Qubole support Monitor monthly AWS Billing IT Controls Audits