Job Description :

·       Developing Test Data Management Strategy and solution to adhere to compliance/regulations on PHI/PII/PCI data usage in non-prod environments and to optimize the overall efficiency of the testing Strategy defining or applying the data generation, data masking, data sub-setting following various data provisioning strategies.

·       Data model analysis of large databases with up to 1000 tables and Sensitive data analysis for larger and different Databases, Files.

·       Create subset plan and build subset queries for large databases more than 1000 tables

·       Build Data Generation Algorithms/Rules and Manage Seed lists using CA TDM/Informatica TDM / Delphix/IBM Optim.

·       Develop detailed TDM solutions for database platforms (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, VSAM, Mongo etc, messaging platforms (e.g. MQ), and feeds (e.g. XML, flat files)

·       Provisioning Test Data through data-mining/generation processes for the various testing team as per their data needs using CA TDM/Informatica TDM/Delphix/IBM Optim.

·       Build custom code as needed using Java and Windows Scripting to support Out of box TDM solution build

·       Building or maintaining gold copy repository developing, maintaining and enhancing TDM capabilities by employing repeatable processes, governance framework, automation, and various tools/utilities.

·       High level knowledge of Test Data Automation (Self Service provisioning of Test Data) and TDOD

·       Interaction and co-ordination with Development and testing stakeholders, Business analysts and end-users over the environmental and data issues.

·       Architect TDM (Test Data Management) solutions for data provisioning for Domain and Enterprise wide applications including Data Generation, Data Discovery, Data Masking and Data Subset and architect Gold Copy databases and Data Stores for quick data provisioning And Implements and supports technical capabilities, repeatable processes, and best practices to support test data management