Job Description :
Job description :

Location : Pittsburgh, PA

Auditing - Respond to requests from Internal Audit, external auditors as directed and SOX requirements.
Customer Service - Maintains professional relationship with application owner/teams, provide support as needed. Facilitate a productive dialogue relative to the success of the services provided.
Database Management - Support multiple implementations at various support levels. Install, configure and provide day to day support after implementation, including off hours as needed. Strong understanding of database design and query strategy to provide suggestions for optimal performance. Quickly learns the new features of RDBMS and becomes proficient at implementing those options or features as they become available with minimal direction. Involved with review, analysis and implementation of additional 3rd party software solutions and database add-on solutions when required.
Expertise - Go To resource or resident expert on at least one component of the database platform or infrastructure the RDBMS is hosted on.
Infrastructure - strong understanding of the operating system, networking and other underlying components of the infrastructure as it relates to the RDBMS supported.
Maintenance - Works closely with application team to maintain systems with routine maintenance and patching as outlined by the RDBMS vendor through major and minor upgrades in a timely fashion as they are released.
Mentoring - Mentors junior members of the team.
Performance Tuning - Performs performance/Health Checks on systems as needed or as requested by Management. Strong understanding of database design and query strategy to advise customers on optimal database performance.
Project Management - Complete DBA related tasks as they are associated with the application team and initiatives of the project.
Recovery - strong understanding of advanced business continuity and disaster recovery options for supported RDBMS. Clearly communicates available options to application teams with minimal supervision.
Scripting - strong understanding of OS based scripting, writes, enhances & debugs scripts that automate and orchestrate DBA related tasks.
Self-Development - Continual self-learning to master most all administrative tasks. Strong understanding of the architecture of the RDBMS platform and how various components can impact the system from availability to performance.
Troubleshooting - Respond to tickets and other notifications of issues. Resolves the more complex issues that arise, determining the cause of the database problem, determine a solution and implement the appropriate actions to correct.
Typically has strong IT background with several years of practical experience.
Proven track record with database supported with at least 5 years of practical experience within the DBA role for the platform.
Strong understanding of security principles and implements roles appropriately.
Supports the mission critical systems effectively & efficiently.
Strong knowledge of query language.
Takes initiative frequently.
Driven to continually self-learn, learning new features of the RDBM software and understand DBA role and expectations of position.
Works independently with application teams, understands application requirements in turn uses sound judgment and provides direction to the application team in support of those requirements, contributes to team efforts regularly.
Proficient in communication with customers, peers and management.
Preferred Experience:
Strong SQL skills with experience in SQL Server 2012 or above
Experience working with Oracle and DB2
Background in data modeling and DB design
Strong SSIS and SSRS skills
Knowledgeable in database build and release procedures
Familiar with project methodology and SDLC.