Job Description :
Embedded Software Engineer,

Palm Harbor, FL

12+ Months

Phone + Skype

The candidate must have solid design, code and test in a real time embedded environment.
INTEGRITY-178B operating system RTOS components ranging from board support packages and device drivers (Serial,
Ethernet, Flash), architecture support packages (PowerPC, Software Development Engineer (Palm Harbor, FL) MIPS,
ARM, x86), networking stacks, file systems, language libraries (C, C++, Ada), and the core kernel itself.
Assessing and ensuring the high safety standards for our products Creating validation tests for requirements functionality,
robustness, boundary values, and equivalence classes
Analyzing, improving, and reporting on system code coverage Participating in requirement, design, and code reviews for
changes to safety-critical products
Attaining proficiency with operating system internals:
Kernel/Virtual Address Spaces
Memory management
Task management / Scheduling
Connections / Semaphores
Clocks / Timers
Analyzing multi-core processor issues
Inter-processor interference Shared resource contention
Timing and throughput

Requirements and Qualifications

U.S. Citizen (U.S. government contract requirements)
Bachelors or Masters of Science degree (Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Math) or have 5+ years of
experience in the embedded software industry
Strong programming skills in C / C++
An understanding of the concepts of a real-time operating system
Ability to learn and understand how complex software systems work
Great communication (both written and verbal) and organization skills