Job Description :
The role is in Philadelphia ,PA Phone and skype Senior Microservices Developer (Java, Go, Python) Around 5 Years of experience developing/architecting dynamic, scalable Microservices and web applications, data solutions and high volume compute workflows in AWS Cloud with Java, Python and GO. We are looking for someone who has proven practical experience in AWS cloud usage for large enterprise applications. What you will do: Lead Design and Development of Micro services in cloud environment such as AWS Help break monolithic services into highly scalable, low latency micro services and migrate on premise services to AWS Design for low latency services for high performance Work with a large team of talented engineers to scale large enterprise applications in the cloud Provide estimates and technical leadership to the existing team of cloud engineers Must have expertise in: Strong conceptual knowledge in OOPS, Core Java, Collections, Multithreading, Socket Programming. Preferred candidates having experience with Go and Python Proficient in various REST API Frameworks Developing and orchestrating scalable low latency microservices in AWS Must have experience with deploying at scale various containerized web and data applications and services using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, Fargate, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, XRay and other monitoring solutions etc. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using cloud infrastructure provisioning and configuration tools Identifying various network components and systems to optimize on latency and throughput. Possess expert level understanding of AWS networking fundamentals and architecture patterns suitable for various enterprise use cases. Extensive experience required in automated container deployments, auto scaling, basic security practices. Discipline and experienced with highly secure environments in the public cloud. Experience with migrating on-premise applications and systems to AWS. Integrating various AWS services using asynchronous, pub-sub and event driven/serverless modelling. Experience with automation and configuration tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible etc. Experience with managing large volumes of data in the cloud Web Application Security Practices, Authentication Mechanisms, Data Security in transit and at rest. Experience with CICD processes in on-premise and AWS environments Proficient in AWS CLI, Linux, Command Line, Shell Scripting, Web Server Administration and good hand installing software on Linux Platform. Designing and implementing low latency APIs in the Cloud. in federated user management AWS cloud. Cloud platform monitoring, scaling, diagnosis, maintenance and expansion. Nice to have: AWS Developer Certification above associate level a plus. Non-Technical Requirements: Team Player, effective communicator. Ability and readiness to quickly learn new technologies, multitask and delivery solutions in quick time frame. Self motivated and a problem solver.