Job Description :
Job role:Sr. Software Developer -Core

Job location: Dublin, CA

Job duration:1 year

Overview : Under the general guidance of the Director of Core Services, this senior technical position is primarily responsible for the discovery, design, development, testing, and deployment of business process and/or technical feature solutions in the Spectrum Application stack. The role may act as lead for discreet projects within the team member’s primary team and direct the work of internal or third-party resources. This position requires autonomy, self-direction, and both contributions to the evolution of and adherence to development standards within Core Services.


* Analyzes work request or problem for accuracy, clarifies findings with stakeholders
* Sets solution scope, defines solution objectives, and finds opportunities in related or similar systems based on findings
* Writes agile stories to achieve solution, estimates work, and proposes completion criteria, testing methodology, and sign off guidelines
* Develops or delegates development of solution, ensures completion and accuracy of testing according to agreed-upon methodologies
* Develops change control submission for effected systems and solutions
* Develops deployment and validation plans
* Implements changes or supports implementation of changes, where separate of duties apply
* Ensures work requests, and discovered work are documented and follow approved intake and prioritization processes
* Maintains system and process documentation as part of development and delivery of solutions
* Develops additional expertise in areas of Core systems, modules, and processes
* Communicates effectively with both verbal and written materials
* Prepares and delivers informative, well organized presentations of solutions and changes
* Ability to understand how Core system processes relate to each other and ensure that critical processes affecting the integrity of member financial activity are completed on time with minimal error
* Ability to analyze data, synthesize information, and provide recommendations for action
* Ability to coordinate and manage numerous project tasks, end user requests, and problems in an environment of changing priorities and demanding deadlines
* Ability to recognize patterns, draw logical conclusions, and makes recommendations for action while weighing the relative merit and risks of possible solutions
* Ability to pair program or train other members of Core Team
* Ability to listen and consider opposing points of view and react objectively to respond to complex problems.
* Ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical team members, and explain technical issues to non-technical people
* Ability to be participate in technical team and cross-functional team environments as well as work independently

* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field
* Six+ years’ experience with formal software development process and procedures
* In-depth knowledge of principals, practices, and theories of online and batch transaction processing
* Three years’ experience with automated job/task scheduling, CA/Automic preferred
* Three years’ experience writing Unix shell scripts, POSIX preferred
* Intermediate skills in agile story/task definition in project management applications, JIRA and/or Target Process, preferred
* Proven mastery of MS applications (Outlook Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio)
* Strong knowledge of terminal emulation applications for Unix environments and their uses, Putty preferred
* Strong written and oral/verbal communication skills
* Strong documentation skills and attentive to detail
* Excellent listening and interpersonal skills
* Willingness to learn and apply new knowledge

Client : Patelco Credit Union