Job Description :
My name is Vishal and I''m a Recruiter at iTech Solutions, Inc., an Information Technology and Professional Services Consulting and Staffing company. I am contacting you because you are an experienced professional who appears to be interested in investigating the current job market and job opportunities. We currently have an opportunity with one of our direct clients that you might be interested in.

Title: Data Science Advisor
Location: Bloomfield, CT (100% Remote Work)
Expected Duration: 12 Months

Job Description:
Data Science Advisor

Understand the business problem in Service Operations, Digital and Customer domains to create value for the business, call center, customers, providers and clients, and identify critical questions and actionable insights that can be answered with DS or AI / Client.
Provides expert content/professional leadership on complex Data Science assignments/projects. Develops analytical and statistical models and methodologies to predict, classify, quantify, and/or forecast business metrics that help stakeholders make sound business decisions.
Responsible for the extraction and analysis of health care information regarding Service Operations, Call Center and Digital. Data cleaning, feature engineering, and transformation into a more useful form. Explore and visualize the data using tools such as Python modules including pandas, matplotlib, bokeh, and Seaborn, Tableau, and Looker.
Develop, evaluate and document the models. Deliver clean, reusable, and scalable code.
Assures quality and integrity of data collected, analysis performed, and reports generated.
Write, present, generate plausible explanations and make recommendations to stakeholders and facilitate decision-making.
Work with Data Engineering and business operations to deploy models, build data pipelines, and scalable systems.
Develops methods for improving internal techniques and processes. Exercises considerable creativity, foresight, and judgment in conceiving, planning, and delivering initiatives. Uses deep professional knowledge and acumen to advise functional leaders. Focuses on providing thought leadership within Data Science but works on broader projects, which require understanding of wider business. To be recognized internally as a subject matter expert
Required Skills
The ideal candidate for this role will have:
Strong coding skills (preferably in Python)
Passion for creating technology to improve health care, with an attitude of creativity and continual learning, be highly motivated, flexible and embrace change.
Channel analytics to support call center or digital sales, retention, opex reduction efforts.
Keen understanding of how call centers and portals work including IVR so they understand how to deploy the model within the business system and considering the limitations of the call center in the business environment.
Previous experience of predictive analytics and forecasting in call center, digital, service operations
Understand the business problem in Service Operations and Digital domains to create value for the business, customers, providers and clients, and identify critical questions and actionable insights that can be answered with DS or AI / Client.
Excellent understanding/experience with leading machine learning methods such as forecasting, neural networks, deep learning, optimization, KNN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Lasso Regression, Elastic Net Regression, Boosting and Bagging, Random Forest, XGBoost, Association Rules, Cross Validation Method, and Unsupervised Learning.
5 – 7 years'' experience with Python and its data science libraries such as Scikit-learn, Pandas, Keras, NLTK, Numpy and Seaborn through Jupyter or iPython notebooks. Experience with optimization and DS platforms such as Databricks, Dataiku
Experience with Hive and database access languages such as SQL and storage platforms such as S3.
Excellent communication and presentation skills and business consultation experience required
Experience with distributed computing platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, and Yarn, is a plus.
Previous experience of predictive analytics in call center, digital, service operations and healthcare industry is highly desired
BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, or in any technical field that provides a solid basis for analytics or equivalent work experience