Job Description :

Role: Tech lead – API

Client: Atos Syntel

Location: Remote


Job Description:


Required Skills/Experience

Ø Coding experience in developing API's using Java
- Springboot & Camel frameworks
- JUnit/Mockito/ Power Mock

Ø Coding experience in developing API's using Node JS (v12 & higher, with async)
- Express framework.. Awareness about KOA & Loopback (not mandatory)
- Mocha/Chai/Joi testing frameworks

Ø - Awareness about React & Angular (not mandatory)

Ø Experience using Cloud services
- Redis, - Eventhub (or Kafka), - Cosmo (or any NoSQL), - Postgres (or any SQL), - Blob Storage (or any File storage)

Ø Deployed & managed dockerized/containerized services on a Cloud Kubernetes Service.. AKS preferable.




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