Job Description :
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Duration: 12 months

Role: Java Software Engineer/SR

The ASRS is in need of Java Senior Software Engineers (Developers) that are technology leaders, have excellent communication skills, and have the ability to work independently without being micro-managed.

The following should all be true for a potential candidate…

Considers themselves an expert with SQL.

Has at least 3 years of Web Application development experience, ideally using Spring-MVC.

Has at least 3 years of experience using the Spring Framework.

Has Apache Tomcat application server configuration and setup experience.

Possesses comprehensive knowledge on Software Design Patterns and how to apply them.

Hands-on familiarity with Ant, Maven or Gradle.

Has knowledge of version control and configuration management practices for large projects.

Has personally been responsible for branching and merging project code.

Has written unit tests using an automated test framework and can explain unit testing best practices.

Has participated in code-reviews from both sides.

Has worked on a team of more than 5 developers.

The following are highly desired in the potential candidate…

Familiar with the peculiarities of Oracle database SQL Syntax.

Has developed functional tests using Selenium.

Has worked on a Scrum team.

Has experience with iBatis (or myBatis) and Hibernate.

Understands multi-threading in Java applications, synchronization techniques and concurrency pitfalls.

Has experience with a scripting language: Groovy, Ruby, or Python.

Has enough of an understanding of PL/SQL to know what it’s doing.

Understands JSTL and JSP Tags.

Possesses HTML/CSS/JavaScript and jQuery development experience.