Job Description :

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PFB urgent Contract requirement with our direct client . Complete JD is below. If you are interested pls share your resume to rpradhan(AT).

Role : Java Microservices Developer

Type : FTE

Location : Buffalo Grove, IL

Exp : 4-5 yrs

2 Open Positions

Visa independent candidates only 

Job Description: 

·       Implement Rest controller with spring boot project structure. 

·       Implement transformation with Apache Camel project structure. 

·       Implement Business Delegate Pattern along with Microservice Design Patterns while creating Micro Services with appropriate packaging structure. 

·       Create DTO, DAO, Service, Controller, Utility packages for each package for better code maintenance. 

·       Write JUnit Test Cases for each Micro Services for quick unit testing.  

·       The Maven Dependency (pom.xml) need to be updated with correct version of jars and maintain same versions for all micro services for consistency. 

·       Implement non-blocking I/O coding. 

·       Implement logging using fluentd. 

·       Implement metrics/transaction tracking using Sleuth. 

·       Implement appropriate API error handling messages same as existing APIs. 

·       Implement appropriate exception handling in handling error scenarios. 

 Additional Skills:

·       Computer Science Degree or equivalent college education

·       Should have at least 5-7 years of experience with at least 3-4 years working in large development projects

·       Should have the ability coordinate across multiple teams

·       Be nimble in handling and delivering fast moving projects with very minimal supervision

·       Excellent Communication skills, both written and verbal.




Client : Direct Client


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