Job Description :
  • Evaluates business rules and objectives in order to design new object-oriented solution components within an SOA architecture.
  • Prepares and implements automated test solutions for each component.
  • Evaluates event-driven integration requirements in order to design new J2EE integration interfaces.
  • Prepares and implements automated test solutions for each new interface.
  • Analyzes User Interface requirements in order to design and implement for Web Applications.
  • Prepares and maintains documentation for all software development phases (Use Cases, Design Documents, UML, Technical Documentation)
  • Packages and configures J2EE components for deployment across Development, Test and Production Environments. Components include web services, EJB, shared libraries, front end Web Applications and Stand-alone applications. Servers include Oracle Application Server, Web Logic Application Server and Stand-alone AIX Server(s). Configuration utilizes ANT scripts and includes Security configuration.
  • Must be available for 24/7 support of critical J2EE applications
Minimum Requirements
  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science plus 6+ years of Java/J2EE programming experience.
  • Good communication and documentation skills are essential.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers, end users and vendor development staff, as well as all levels of management and judicial personnel as necessary.
  • Must have the ability to break down complex concepts into organized and concise units.
  • Must be able to work in an agile, self-motivated environment with multiple, concurrent priorities.
  • Solid experience with Reverse Engineering and Refactoring code.
  • High level understanding of XML documents, syntax and validations and associated xsd.
  • Ability to quickly evaluate, learn and prototype new technologies.
  • Full Stack development skills
  2. Javascript, Angular
  3. Gitlab
  4. Python (Django)
  5. Java EE 6/8, servlets, core java
  6. Web Architecture (code structure, data modeling, computational function)
  7. HTTP/RESTful WS
  8. DB storage and access - Relational and non-relational data
  9. Good knowledge of object-oriented concepts, design patterns and UML notation
  10. Spring Boot

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