Job Description :
10+ years of web development experience; including programming and developing web applications
7+ years of JavaEE experience
7+ years of Java experience 7 + years of MICRO Services experience
7 + years of Core Java experience
3+ years of experience with Apache Kafka or Confluent Enterprise
5+ years of SQL experience
2+ years of MQ Series Messaging experience
Programming and development of web applications experience
Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
Knowledge and understanding of test driven application development
Ability to design, develop, and implement large scale/complex software applications
Knowledge and understanding of design and development of modern web applications and mobile technologies
Experience with real-time batch data ingestion, processing and provisioning such as Apache Flume, Apache Kafka, Apache Sqoop, Apache Flink, Apache Spark or Apache Storm
Extensive Experience working Java 8
Worked with Open API 3.0
Worked with JSON schema
Experience in building RESTful services with JAX-RS
Worked with build automation tool like Maven or Gradle
Experience working with nosql database like MongoDB or Cassandra
SOAP based Web services