Job Description :
Minimum Requirements:
      1. Must have either a BS or MS degree in computer science, engineering, or a related subject.
      2. Must currently hold and be in good standing of a java developer certification and worked in java in the last two years.
      3. Have demonstrated experience developing Web applications (scripting/coding) in Java;
      4. Must have experience working with Java development using Eclipse/IBM based integrated development environment (IDE)
      5. Must have hands on experience designing and developing applications using Java EE platforms and Java frameworks
      6. Must have experience with Java and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) internals (class loading, memory management, transaction management, etc )
      7. Must have experience with secure coding practices and E-commerce payment processing;
      8. Must have experience with testing tools and web browsers, web services, and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP);
      9. Must have experience with HTTP and REST, relational databases, SQL, spring MVC, struts, JQuery, bootstrap, dynamic PDF generation, HTML, and CSS.
      10. Must have demonstrated experience with:
        1. build management,
        2. software development effort estimation,
        3. configuration and release management, and
        4. functional testing;

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