Job Description :

Day to day Task:

a) Design & develop Java web applications for Oracle WebLogic Servers.

b) Providing maintenance & support for live applications & services.

c) Application server tasks: deploying applications & web services, Creating Data Sources etc.

d) Develop object relational mapping using Hibernate frameworks to access back-end Oracle databases.

e) Develop Oracle WebLogic applications using Java Server Faces, HTML5, JavaScript libraries and template frameworks.

f)  Designing and developing Oracle database objects such as tables, triggers, and stored procedures for the applications. 

g) Communicating with users & stakeholders.  Communicate with Business Analysts to acquire and understand requirements.

h). Documentation: Preparing various documents like User

Documents, Process Flow Diagrams and Database Schema Diagrams

i) Performs Black Box testing of web applications developed by other

staff members.

j) Design, develop and call SOAP and REST web services as needed

k) Guide joint application design sessions with other staff members.


Mandatory Skills:

·         84 months experience coding web applications with web technologies in a Java/JEE environment including experience in servlets, JSP, HTTP, HTML, XML, XSLT, SQL, JQuery and PL/SQL on a WebLogic application server

·         84 Months experience using SPRING or a similar Java development framework.

·         60 months experience using Hibernate, myBATIS or other object relational mapping framework

·         60 months experience programming Oracle WebLogic Java applications from specifications expressed by use case diagrams, interaction diagrams and sequence diagrams

·         60 months experience coding Java Server Faces (JSF) application.  Use of PrimeFaces preferred.

·         24 months experience in a government information technology development environment

·         60 months experience in developing Oracle database schemas, tables, procedures and permissions

·         36 months development of web-services in both SOAP and RESTful implementations

·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology



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