Job Description :

You will help deliver training, coach individuals in the art of software engineering, with a specific focus on modern Cloud Native technologies.

As a Java coach you will:
Deliver best-in-class technical training from our Academy curriculum to diverse audi-ences
Conduct Bootcamps virtual/F2F classroom Instructor-led Training
Developing additional/special training material
Evaluate, Mentor and Track the progress of candidates
Conduct on-demand work-sessions to audience
Design and Develop additional training materials like Video Recordings, Webinars
Provide feedback to help improve the Academy training curriculum
Participate in training planning conversations with Business units to tailor content as needed
Work with our global ecosystem partners (Microsoft, Google, AWS, IBM, Red Hat etc to obtain the latest training materials and prepare them for delivery.
When not actively training, participate as a hands-on consultant, developer/architect on Labs projects.
Skills Required
BS level technical degree or equivalent experience; Computer Science or Engineering background preferred; Master''s Degree desired.
Minimum of 2-3 years of industry experience working on technical curriculum for Cloud Native Developers
Minimum of 5 to 10 years Java/Java EE based Full stack Architect/Developer
Should have a strong familiarity with technical learning content and tools including as many of the following as possible:
HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
React and Angular
Rest APIs
Java and Java Cloud Native, Rest API
Hands-on experience in designing and developing Cloud Native Apps
Strong knowledge of Cloud Native Apps and Principles 12Factor App, Microservices, containers and DevOps
Experience with Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
Reporting, Monitoring, and Application Security
Knowledge of DevOps practices CI/CD
Experience with Lean Agile software development, Scrum, XP and Domain Driven Design, pair programming
Someone who absolutely loves teaching and sharing
Strong practical hands-on experience. Help teams learning by doing
Ability to translate abstract technical ideas and concepts into hands-on curriculum and content for usage within the classroom
Modern software development and DevOps practices such as CI/CD, Agile, Scrum, XP and Domain Driven Design.

Experience with other multiple programming languages, such as: C#, Python, Node.js and Go.
Containerisation platform: Kubernetes, Docker
Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud Platform, Azure, AWS
Experience with configuration management and automation technologies (e.g. Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Salt, or Ansible
CKAD and/or CFCD Certifications