Job Description :

Backend Java Engineer
Key Responsibilities

  • Design and Build highly scalable data processing pipeline for various applications such as Bulk Ingestion, Real Time Streaming Applications and AI/Client based insights.
  • Design and Build highly scalable Data backend applications which act as a driving engine of Analytics platform.
  • Build Kafka Stream applications that meets the high-quality standards and scale horizontally in a cloud environment
  • Ensure applications are tested through usage of automated test tools
  • Delivering well instrumented system that provides insights in Operational Metrics and helps in resolving issues
  • Utilize Agile practices to manage and delivers features

Experience & Education 

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineer or Computer Science
  • 7+ years of hands on Java development with 2 years in building data processing applications using Spring Boot.
  • Experience in building large scale distributed systems and knowledge of enterprise architecture patterns.
  • Experience with building Cloud Native Analytics applications and services
  • Experience with event-driven architectures and technologies such as Apache Kafka and Azure Event Hubs.
  • Experience securing applications using authentication standards such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JSON Web Token, and SAML 2.0.
  • Experience with one or more public clouds such as Azure, AWS and GCP.
  • Requires excellent collaboration, presentation and communication skills.
  • Capable of rapid self-learning of new software applications and programming languages.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills, including technical documentation.

Technical Skills & Competencies

  • Expertise with Java server-side development using Spring Projects specifically through usage of microservices
  • Expertise in data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in building large scale distributed systems and knowledge of enterprise architecture patterns.  Knowledge of distributed system concepts such as Leadership, Consensus, Replication and Partitioning
  • Expertise in Spring Projects such as Spring Data, Spring Streams, Spring integration, Spring for Apache Kafka and Spring Security
  • Knowledge of schema definition such as AVRO, Thrift, Protocol Buffers and Parquet
  • Experience building test automation for data loading, performance and API validation through tools such as JMeter, Apigee, SoapUI, etc.
  • Experience with Kafka Stream Processing and KSQL.
  • Experience with any SQL databases such as SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, MySQL etc.
  • Experience in build automation tools such as Gradle, Jenkins, Docker Images and Artifactory.
  • Experience with Cloud resources such as Azure Event Hubs and Azure Cache for Redis.
  • Experience with application monitoring and tracing using tools such as Azure Monitor, Fluent, Prometheus, Grafana, and Apollo Data Graph Platform.
  • Experience with containerizing applications using Docker and deploying Helm Charts to Kubernetes clusters.



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