Job Description :

Back-end Developers:

1. Safe Agile trained with 4+ years of experience.

2. Experience with Kafka

3. Experience with API testing, load and performance test tools like JMeter, Postman

4. Knowing Splunk, ELK for searching, analyzing and visualizing data generated by application.

5. Knowing functioning of containerization tools like Kubernetes, Docker

6. Knowing tools like Quantum Metrics and IBM Tealeaf to capture user experience on websites.

7. Knowledge JUNIT Mockito

8. Migration experience from Monolithic Architecture to Microservice Architect.-

9. Extensive software development experience using Java.

10. Experience using Java JSON to create microservices RESTful services.

11. Experience with version control tools such as Git.

12. Experience with XP Principles, including TDD and continuous deployment. Experience with Agile development methodologies.

13. Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills on highly complex problems; technical agility

14. Experience with Microservices /Rest services / Soap)

15. Knowledge of Cassandra


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