Job Description :
1. What non-technical skills are necessary (communication, problem-solving, team player, i.e?
a. Good communication skills
b. Team player
c. Problem Solver
2. What are the top 3-5 required skills/technologies?
a. Java (Backend)
b. JavaScript (Front End)
c. ReactJS
d. AngularJS
3. Describe the interview process: in-person or telephone? Who will do the interview etc…
a. Phone screen with HM, then in person or WebEx for the final round
4. When an offer is made, describe the onboarding process?
a. Who needs to approve the work order/SOW/ to onboard the person? CIO needs to sign off
b. Is the budget approved for it yet? Yes
c. The general onboarding process for a resource 2-3 weeks
d. Does capg have to provide any equipment? No
5. Ideal candidate background and how many years of experience required?
a. 3+ years of experience
6. Education requirements/preferences
a. Bachelor''s degree in Comp Sci or similar to
7. What type of personality would fit in best with your team?
a. See above
8. Are there any companies you would like to see on a candidate''s resume?
a. Telecom/enterprise companies would be nice to have
9. Are there any certifications that the candidate must possess?
a. N/A