Job Description :
Java Architect
Birmingham, AL
Long Term Contract

Required Skills:

  • Establish a shared vision/goals for the cloud migration Epics of Industrialization project.
  • Evaluate technical feasibility of the proposed solution. Consider the technical and business impacts when migrating apps to Java/Springboot and moving applications to Cloud (This could be shared with offshore as well)
  • Help the program team to prioritize the epics/features (from an agile standpoint) to meet the targeted business goal.
  • Architecture/Design guidance via a common architecture forum (This could be a dedicated meeting happening every week with offshore architects)
  • Make sure that onshore/offshore teams are technically aligned to the common goal.
  • Establish the deployment architecture by co-coordinating with Kemper SME's, architects/infra team.
  • Act as a facilitator to establish a CI/CD environment. Identity any technical risk and mitigation plans Gather Kemper Requirements/Expectations on the DevOps Platform/Tools/Processes
Develop DevOps Design Documentation & incorporate the review feedback