Job Description :

Intermediate Software Developer

We are a unique sixteen-year-old company that is defining the best in-class service standards for our industry. We exist to generate profits that benefit the needs of our employees, local charities, non-governmental organizations, and essential works that last beyond a lifetime. This means that we work to systematically improve our ability to exceed customer expectations without running over people in the process.

We’re searching for an Intermediate Software Developer who aligns with our belief that profits are a means to an end, and that serving others is the foundation of teamwork. The right candidate must be humble and teachable.  The ability to confront difficult issues, while always keeping reconciliation at the forefront, will be crucial.  The right candidate must possess a heart to serve and a sincere connection with our core values: Honesty, Integrity, Esteem and Conscientiousness. 


·         Computer Science skills that come from 3-7 years of experience or equivalent formal education in Computer Science

·         Time management, planning & organizing. Can manage multiple and/or competing assignments.

·         Creative innovative thinking and problem solving

·         Comfortable and effective working as individual and as team member

·         Experience in modern, object-oriented programming languages and design patterns

·         Knowledge and experience with Java

·         Understanding of relational database management systems and languages (SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, MySQL, SQL Server)

·         Exposure to multiple operating systems (including Linux & Windows)


Preferred / Bonus Experience and Skills

·         Experience using JSON, and/or XML to interact with data

·         Working knowledge of web technologies: HTML, HTTP requests & responses, Selenium WebDriver

·         Knowledge of or experience with AutoHotkey (AHK), Regular Expressions (RegEx)

·         Knowledge of contemporary digital image formats (TIFF, PDF, PNG)

·         Knowledge of AI & Machine Learning

·         Knowledge of Git, Docker, Gradle, Bash scripting

·         Familiarity with System Documentation



·         Maintain and enhance existing systems, as well as develop new solutions. Analyze and fix defects, add features, debug, and test software implementations. Design, code, and test major features and enhancements.

·         Systemize / Document existing and new projects

·         Collaborate with development team on existing, new, and shared project responsibilities

Culture Characteristics

·         Set stretch goals and adopt high standards: Set - and meet - stretch goals using strong analytical and sound problem-solving capabilities with technical and professional expertise that are simple, elegant, and effective

·         Work collaboratively:  Be an individual contributor working largely in a self-directed work environment but who is also comfortable working in a team

·         Use good judgment: The consequences of the decisions made from this team can be enormous. Sound problem resolution, judgment, and decision-making skills are required. Research what you don’t know. Be open to a wide range of solutions and careful to consider what, and who, will be effected if something goes wrong

·         Take initiative: Initiative requires more than doing your current job well. Provide your perspective and offer a helping hand 

·         Embrace change, rather than resisting it, and be flexible.   Embrace change in both tactics and strategy. Be able to juggle multiple tasks and fulfill ad-hoc requests based on priority

·         Walk the talk:  Do what you say you will do, be who you say you are.

·         Display personal resilience:  Own up to mistakes (yours and others) and learn from them and move on.

·         Give honest feedback:  Provide feedback in a way that is perceived not as criticism but as a gesture of good will.

·         Effective Communication:  Be a good listener, give eye contact, verbalize, and write with clarity and concision. 

Working Conditions

·         Regular schedule is 40 hours per week during regular business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday – Friday)

·         During training and ramp period, work is in-office, then a combination remote and in-office is regular schedule

·         This position will require employee to spend long hours sitting / standing and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle strain.

·         Position will frequently require multiple hours of intense concentration and requires attention to detail and high levels of accuracy.

·         There are numerous deadlines associated with this role which may cause stress. Employee should be able to manage personal stress while maintaining effective performance.  


Title:  Intermediate Software Developer

Reports to:  General Manager 

Education:  Bachelor's (Preferred) Computer Science, engineering, or related fields.

Experience:  3-7 years writing elegant code based on product specifications and requirements. Be familiar with the software development life cycle including planning, design, development and implementation, deployment, and maintenance stages. They also require an in-depth knowledge different programming languages, frameworks, and tools.  

Salary:  $75,000 - $95,000 / Annual Salary-Exempt

Schedule:   40 hours per week M-F

Client : Jay Jones


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