Job Description :

Oversees deliverables for clinical market analysis and management in support of the strategic priorities for Health Analytics, Strategic Services, and other divisions across BCBSA. Manages the development and implementation of mathematical and statistical modeling of clinical market opportunities and trends, taking into account time-value of money. Manages research evaluation activities and the development of comparative valuation for different clinical market value segments. Provides mathematical and statistical analysis support to senior leadership team in developing market impact and valuation assessments. Reviews mathematical, statistical, and econometric literature, extracts data, conducts methodological appraisals and prepares summary tables, reviews, and data synthesis.

Directs quantitative analysis and evaluation of health care markets in order to provide narrative related to market opportunities, options, and trade-offs for Blue Plans and the members they serve:

  • Design and implement quantitative models for market segmentation, hypothesis testing, and machine learning
  • Design and implement mathematical and statistical models for the assessment of dynamic health care markets, accounting for time-dependent changes in the state of the clinical market variables and community factors
  • Design and implement quantitative modeling for assessment and prediction based upon probabilistic distribution of the clinical market membership and conditions
  • Conducts comparative analysis of mathematical and statistical methodologies, including linear and nonlinear methods, with detailed analysis of risk and volatility, in support of decision making options for multiple projects
  • Analyze and synthesize various data sources for the development of hierarchical modeling
  • Design and implement geospatial network analyses using ArcGIS and R
  • Researches and writes comparative options reports and memos as needed

Supports the development of high profile clinical market analyses and reports:

  • Develops mathematical and statistical computations and graphics utilizing R, Stata, Python, and SAS languages
  • Provides input to strategic clinical market value reports in clear, concise, and logical manner in order to present market opportunities of relevance to individual Blue Plan markets
  • Captures dynamic and stochastic complexity of the clinical market in order to reveal the opportunities, options, and implementation considerations of relevance to customers
  • Contributes to the mathematical and statistical editing of draft and final clinical market reports

    Supports deliverables for clinical market analysis and management.

  • Engage with national peers that are skilled in mathematical and statistical modeling

  • Sets and manages schedules of deliverables, monitors production cycle
  • Benchmarks effort, cost, and timetables. Assesses gaps and obstacles and proposes applicable and sustainable solutions
  • Collaborates with the leadership team to plan and conduct effective mathematical and statistical modeling of health analyses
  • Advances and documents health analyses methods and approaches by providing clear, concise, and logical communication on an ongoing basis and at key junctures
  • Develops and maintains economic, demographic, and epidemiological frameworks, research designs, and insights to ensure future research teams can utilize
  • Maintains communications with peers and remains up-to-date on relevant research to learn and apply best practices related to statistical modeling and predictive analytics

Education Level or Equivalent: Masters degree or PhD in economics, engineering, physics, applied mathematics, statistics, epidemiology, psychology, or with relevant quantitative or biostatistics background.

Job Experience:

  • Ability to create mathematical and statistical models for hypothesis testing and machine learning, including non-linear, dynamic, and stochastic models.
  • Demonstrated mastery of mathematical and statistical analytic software, including Stata and SAS.
  • Design and creation of mathematical and statistical computation and graphics using R and Python languages.
  • Demonstrate mastery with geospatial analysis using ArcGIS and experience with R and QGIS

Required Skills :
Basic Qualification :
Additional Skills :
Background Check :Yes
Drug Screen :Yes
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :No
Interview Process :
Additional Keywords :we are not able to work with after graduate interns.
Degree Requirements :
Certification Requirement :
Minimum Experience (In Years) :0
Travel Requirements :

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