Job Description :

? Designs and documents database architecture.
? Assesses malfunctions of hardware and/or software applications for the purpose of determining
appropriate actions to maintain computer, network, and database operations.
? Builds database scheme, tables, procedures and permissions.
? Creates, tests, and executes data management languages.
? Develops database utilities and automated reporting.
? Analyzes and sustains capacity and performance requirements.
? Monitors systems and platforms for availability.
? Oversees backup, clustering, mirroring, replication and failover.
? Performs maintenance operations daily, weekly and monthly on Oracle and SQL servers and
databases, and information systems for the purpose of ensuring efficient program operations.
? Performs database backups and restorations, and recovers corrupted databases.
? Evaluates and recommends new database technologies.
? Implements and maintains database security and encryption.
? Develops, manages and tests database and information system backup and recovery plans.
? Develops standards and policies for data entry, and ensures compliance.
? Prepares written materials for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference,
and/or conveying information.
? Prepares and distributes reports, including but not limited to weekly and monthly status reports to the
IT Operations Director.
? Attends seminars, conferences, in-service training and staff meetings as required
? Other related duties, as assigned.
Individual must possess the knowledge and the following skills and abilities or be able to perform the
essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination
of skills and abilities.
? Experience in Oracle Enterprise version 12c.
? Experience in Microsoft SQL Server 2008+.
? Proficiency in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications with an emphasis on database
and spreadsheet applications.
? Intermediate knowledge in hardware and networking.
? Experience managing databases. Proficiency in database administration, management, data imports
and exports, and developing reports.
? Ability to provide excellent customer service and public relations outreach.
? Proven ability to effectively manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines.
? Ability to adapt to varied roles and job responsibilities and problem-solving skills.
? Demonstrated ability using a life cycle management process for implementation of changes in
? Ability to performs a variety of professional tasks including, but not limited to, technology services
representative on various committees or task forces
? Demonstrated ability to excel both independently and as a team member in a lively, collaborative
? Excellent written and verbal communications skills with a demonstrated ability to make difficult
concepts easy to understand

Minimum of three years conducting general Oracle database administration tasks such as database
implementations, backups, and account maintenance
? Minimum of two years administering database platform specific advanced features (e.g. clustering,
encryption, logical/physical standby, ETL, replication)
? Experience in an academic environment is preferred but not required


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