Job Description :

Job Title: Information Security Analyst

Location: 1400 Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Rate: 35/hr on W2 All Inclusive or $39 on 1099

Closing Date: 8/25/2021 

Job Description:

This posting is not open to sub vendor candidates at this time. 

Local Only Candidates -

Please see the feedback from the manager from the previous position:

"The candidate pool had strong resumes but when it came to the interview process several of them stumbled considerably.  One candidate literally looked up answers on Google while on the video interview, other candidates did not know what basic technology foundations were such as the difference between firewall logs, active directory logs, and DNS logs and why they are important to collect.  At least 3 of the candidates were unable or had a hard time answering a question about a situation that did not go as planned and how they addressed it.  Several candidates had difficulty walking through a set of steps on a process (making a sandwich for example). I am not looking for perfection or someone with all of the answers, but I would like people with an understanding of technology, a passion for security and learning, and the ability to take a project from purchase through implementation and operalization, specifically with some SIEM / logging focus ideally.  I would like to hand a project such as standing up a central logging platform and infrastructure to a resource and have them pick it up and run with it with some guidance."

Security Event and Information Management Logging, platform, and configuration

System security, hardening, standard work documentation, Vuln Management experience preferred

Security event analysis, review, triage and recommendations

Misc. Security best practices, meeting input, and policy review and updates

MS Windows - Intermediate - 3 -5

Linux (CentOS) - Beginner - 1-2

Basic scripting - Beginner 1 - 2

NIST - Intermediate 3 - 5 - Required

MITRE - Beginner - 1 - 2

Qualys - Intermediate - 2 -3


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