Job Description :
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I am Vishal from Infigage. We are a staffing firm headquarter in Delaware.
Please go through the below Job Description and let me know you interest fo=
r the same. If interested please share me your updated resume

Role: Test Architect
Location: New York City, NY
Client name : HCL
End Client : J. Crew
Skill sets:
* Relevant experience of 8 to 10 years
* JavaScript/Selenium, Java, IBM Functional tester (HCL OneTest Studio)=
, SoapUI Pro, Jira, Zephyr
* Good to have - SalesForce Commerce platform, other COTS license produ=
ct for UI automation, Load Runner/J. Meter
* Supporting Test Manager in achieving their strategic goals for the Te=
st Team by providing technical support to the Manager and the team
* Possess broad awareness of testing approaches, practices and techniqu=
es in order to help design and deliver the overall testing methodology used=
by the team
* Identify what tools and technologies can be implemented, aligning wit=
h that already used across the broader development function and in-line wit=
h the skill-set of the team
* Design and develop the test automation framework, harnesses and code =
libraries to enable the team to both use and enhance them across successive=
* Have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of the testing function=
and bring about improvements through insights gained via analysis at all s=
tages of the SDLC/STLC
* Take responsibility for test infrastructure including environments an=
d software, liaising with teams such as DevOps and Support in areas such as=
CI/CR and IT budgets
* Provide technical know-how, documentation and training to test and ot=
her business functions
* Stay up to speed on process, practice and technology developments to =
ensure they are brought in-house and enhance the solutions applied to the t=
esting problems
* In essence the Test Architect works to ensure that approaches, tools =
and techniques are built into a relevant methodology. They monitor, optimis=
e, mentor, collaborate and continually improve the test team on behalf of b=
oth the Test Manager and the rest of the development function.
* Good to have Ecommerce domain knowledge/experience
If you are not looking for change, please forward this requirement to your =
friends or colleague who are looking for change.