Job Description :
Job Title: IIOT Instrumentation Consultant
Location: Houston, Texas
Duration: 12 Months
Job Description:
Our Client is looking for the Instrumentation & Sensing Consultant is an experienced automation engineer familiar with industry technologies and best practices across OT and IT for instrumentation. They have experience with the technology and software used in this space and are responsible for deploying it to the sites, integrating it with other systems, and validating with the users it is functioning correctly. The individual will provide knowledge of the setup, installation, IT operation, and system integration. The Consultant will perform analysis and design of the system to deploy, testing of system components to confirm certification, and technical consultancy for the deployment.
Required Qualifications:
* Accountability for system and technology analysis and design for asset deployments
* Accountability for system deployment, installation and integration with external systems.
* Troubleshooting of system issues (hardware and software)
* Providing technical consultancy for the deployment project.
* Working closely with workflow consultants, site engineers, and the engineering projects teams to deploy and embed technology.
* Participating in new release quality assurance and testing activities
* Maintaining documentation related to installation and support.
* Facilitate the provision of Consultant support during failure analysis and problem solving.
* Resolve specific system problems and identify / propose improvements.
* Contribute to the technical architecture of software.
Experience and qualifications required
* Bachelor degree in Computer Science or discipline engineering is required.
* 10+ years of experience in automation.
* 5+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry
* 3+ Years of experience deploying automation solutions
* Knowledge of process control systems
* Knowledge of Process communications
* Knowledge of real-time systems
* Knowledge of Alarm & Ops Management lifecycle and systems
Key competencies required:
* Knowledge: Experience with Analytics, Cloud Computing, Edge Control, etc.
* Knowledge: Architectures including Distributed, IIOT, Cloud, Azure IoT Suite, AWS, and Enterprise.
* Knowledge: Experience in IIOT, Industrie 4.0, OT and IT.
* Skill: Demonstration of creative problem solving to identify new opportunities and improvements.
* Knowledge: Identifies data collection opportunities which would result in improved business operations and effectiveness.
* Knowledge: End-user and business requirements specification, analysis and design.
* Knowledge: Industry communications & networking (OPC DA, OPC UA, Ethernet, Fieldbus, HART, serial communications
* Authentic, transparent, and honest.
* Customer focused and value driven.
* Self-motivated, with an urgency to deliver quality technology and utilizing innovation to do so.
* Persistence in delivery, demonstrated results.
* Safety focused to support goal zero and inclusive.
* Demonstrated ability to work multiple projects at once in a complex business environment.
* Builds and maintain relationships with key site and corporate management and with affiliated independent operating companies to identify and implement best practices and technology across the enterprise. Establishes and maintains productive relationships with equipment and system vendors.
* Ability to operate in a diverse, virtual, and global environment.
* Knowledge: Industry Data Standards, Data Modeling, Big Data, and Data Management.
* Knowledge: PLCs, RTUs & EFMs.
* Skill: Experience with IT integration of software in Distributed Control Systems such as Client Experion, Yokogawa Centum, Emerson Delta V, Siemens PCS 7, ABB or Foxboro.
* Skill: Software Deployment / Installation / Integration in Microsoft Windows Systems.
* Knowledge: Windows permissions configuration, Registry Editing, and Windows Certificate installation.
* Skill: Application Testing to design and automate test scripts and conduct FAT/SAT.
* Skill: Experience with System and User Testing.
* Knowledge: Programming with OPC with (C++, C#, VB.NET,
* 5+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry.
* Knowledge: Process control fundamentals including design, configuration, infrastructure, and programming of DCS, PLC and SIS.
* Experience working with facility operations personnel, particularly console operators.
* Good communications, writing, and interpersonal skills to interact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
* Ability to deliver results in a large, complex organization.
* Knowledge: Cyber Security including DCOM, security authentication, encryption, SAML, tokens, certificates, firewalls, Switches, NATs.
* Knowledge: Network Design, Infrastructure, Integration, VLANs, VPNs, Cybersecurity.
* Knowledge: Emerson Applications (Advisor, Insight, AMS DM, AMS ARES, Corrosion etc.
* Knowledge: Client (Asset Sentinel, PHD, FDM PSS, DynAMo
* Knowledge: Yokogawa Automation Apps (PRM, ExaQuantum, PACE,
* Knowledge: Experience with application with the OSISoft PI Historian.
* Skill: Experience with IT integration of software in Distributed Control Systems such as Client Experion, Yokogawa Centum, Emerson Delta V, Siemens PCS 7, ABB or Foxboro.
* Knowledge: Control systems including Client TDC & Experion, Yokogawa Centum 3000 & Centum VP, Emerson DeltaV. Siemens PCS 7, ABB, and Foxboro are also useful.
* Skill: OPC and OPC UA Standard, Technologies, and associated products
* Skill: Experience with Real-time Data Historian Infrastructure, PHD, IP21, OSI PI, ExaQuantum.
* Knowledge: OSI PI Historian and Application Deployment and integration.
* Knowledge: SCADA experience (Wonderware, Rockwell, Fast Tools, etc and how they interface with other Applications.
Challenges of the Job:
* Developing and delivering solutions in a complex environment in a timely manner, while ensuring a smooth transition from legacy system in a business-critical environment.
* Identifying improvement to increase the effectiveness of operating facilities while ensuring they remain consistent and standard across sites.
* Interacting with end users and customers to understand the environment and associated risks and opportunities.
* Demonstrating the value of the technologies to key stakeholders.
* Rapid execution in a large, global, diverse company, while embedding consistent standard solutions.
* Managing the risks associated with delivering a value generating strategy
* Prioritizing activities to provide the maximum benefits with the available resources while delivering agreed targets.
* Dealing with the ongoing changes and dynamics of the industry.

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