Job Description :
Position:- IDMS DBA
Location: Toronto,Canada(Remote)

Points below
Experience in IDMS utilities -like backup, cleanup, archive, expand and fix page,
Experience in handling lock issues – steps to follow if application gets locked
Experience in Disaster Recovery
Experience in tuning Index
Monitoring DB pools
Good knowledge of JCL
IDM version in production is 19
Providing 24/7 support for DB issues –
Build and support DB restructure changes

Utilizing software tools and best practices, and following Change Management processes as required, Database Management will encompass the following proactive and reactive activities supporting a variety of applications/DBs; currently there are 2 test and 7 Production IDMS systems being supported.

Act as the liaison for contact with the third-party database vendors;
Providing technical database support;
Providing 24/7 Incident Management support for database issues in response to Incident notifications;
On Call Support and duty manager rotation.
Supporting IDMS installers with preventative maintenance, patches, upgrades and/or fixes identified by the third-party database vendor;Note change window for IDMS system work is Sunday morning from 2:30 AM EST to 7:30 AM EST
Supporting the upgrades to new versions of the database management system (DBMS) to maintain currency;
Proactively identifying database performance issues and providing recommendations and implementing solutions for resolution;
Monitoring and tuning the DBMS;
Engaging in performance and capacity management of the DBMS;
Monitoring database storage pools;
Analyzing database growth, running/supporting weekly scheduled batch reports on DBMS database areas and monitoring database growth from the previous week to help trend and predict growth;
Supporting automated procedures to send weekly scheduled emails to Client Application Support primes and the Vendor Database Support Team, identifying the database areas with less than 30% free space;
Completing the expansion of databases that experience high volumes of updates or have less than 30% free space, to limit database fragmentation and optimize space utilization; Note: change windows for all DBMS changes vary by application and are usually performed outside business hours over the weekend.
Some Test system changes can be done during business hours with Client approval.
Build and support DB restructure changes as requested by the Client and perform the changes in test and Production during the negotiated change windows
Supporting database purges as built by the Client;
Maintaining operational procedures for scheduling database areas online/offline/retrieval mode in support of the Client''s batch schedules;
Setting up and executing backup and recovery procedures associated with expansions and restructures;
Creating and maintaining database journal backup jobs;
Assisting the Client with running recovery batch job streams upon Client request or during the annual DR test.
Maintain DBA DR documentation, procedures, jobs and support the annual DR test
Use PMDC to perform IDMS system/DB performance and tuning.
With assistance from IDMS system installers review batch and OPER statistics such as but not limited to Active Tasks, Active Users, DB I/O, Run Units, and LTERM Storage to ensure system resources are healthy.