Job Description :
Job Title: IBM Mainframe System Programmer
Location: Baltimore, MD
Duration: 6+months
Real working knowledge of IBM Job Control Language (JCL), and common IBM and independent software vendor (Compuware, Broadcom, …) utilities.
1. Storage System Administration (using mainframe DS8884/DS8886 and TS7760)
Configuration, implementation, and management of:
a. z/OS SMS, including automatic class selection (ACS) routines.
c. IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM)
d. 7760 VTS Hardware and GRID Facilities
e. Data set naming standards
f. Disaster Recovery planning

2. ACF2 Configuration and management
a. Capable of fully handling all aspects of entity identification and access control
b. Data set naming standards

c. Disaster Recovery planning

3. Mainframe Data Encryption
Configuration, implementation, and management of:
a. IBM z/14 Encryption Hardware using z/OS 2.3
b. Generation and lifecycle management of encryption keys
c. Generation of policy and procedure for proper use of dataset encryption.
d. Disaster Recovery planning

1. In-depth knowledge of UNIX System Services, especially as it impacts interaction with external software vendors.
2. A skilled practitioner in the installation, user implantation, and use of the following Computer Associates (ACF2, CA-1, PDSMAN. JCLCHECK, CA AUDITOR) or Compuware(Abend-AID both bath and CICS, File-AID none DB2 and DB2, XPEDITOR TSO and CICS, XPEDITOR XCHANGE, STROBE, ISPW) products.
3. First-hand experience in the installation, implementation, and use if use of IBMs Z/OS System managed Storage (SMS) Automatic Class Selection (ACS) routine to effectively manage an environment of at least 10,000 DASD volumes.
4. First-hand experience in the installation, implementation, and use of a multiple location grid of IBM 7760''s virtual tape systems. Tis experience should include the interaction of the VTS systems with the tape management system CA-1
5. Must have experience with key products such as PDSMAN, Ezyedit, Syncsort.
6. Experience in the delivery, installation, implementation/migration, maintenance of releases of the z/OS Operating System at the 2.1 level or above