Job Description :
Title: IAM Solutions Design Architect Duration: 6 months Location: Remote Job Description Basically an application architect building an IAM application. This is part of the architecture delivery team. The group is responsible for design/architecture solutions for their Ecosystem platform. There are several work-streams the team is responsible for but the one this role is focused on is identity and access management. They are building out a homegrown application and are really focused on efforts moving applications to the cloud - they need people to still have the ability to login to the web application while this is going on. Will be working as part of a scrum team. This person's day to day will be working with the development team, taking in the requirements from the project team, and then designing the enhancements to the existing application. Exclusively focused on the external identity and access management, they don't get involved with workforce solutions typically They do not have a vendor product, they are building the product. Ideal background: Someone who is/has moved from a development background to an application architecture/solution architect role. They need to understand architecture patterns, how to apply those patterns, and look at use cases. Experience building IAM application tools (there are some areas within bigger companies that has teams who build the SAML, SSO solutions or build the centralized authentication solution for customer portals)